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Visa de visite familiale FAMILIALE

Thứ Năm, ngày 26 tháng 3 năm 2015

Ce type de visa est délivré aux ressortissants étrangers d'origine vietnamienne dont le dernier séjour au Vietnam est à 36 mois au maximum de la date du dépôt de la demande d'un visa de visite familiale.

+ Formulaire FN-1a (dûment rempli avec photo d'indentité collée en deux exemplaires)

+ Passeport original

+ Moyen de règlement des frais de visa : chèque à l'ordre de  l'Ambassade du Vietnam ou espèces (pour toute demande déposée directement à l'Ambassade, le règlement en espèces sera demandé)

+ Moyen pour le retour du passeport avec visas (si vous optez pour la procédure par correspondance): enveloppe chronopost ou enveloppe timbrée en recommandée avec l'avis de suivie ou frais de poste nécessaires ajoutés au chèque global (dans ce cas, prière de nous envoyer une enveloppe non timbrée à votre adresse).

Visa de transit aéroportuaire


Is Vietnam visa on arrival legitimate?

Thứ Năm, ngày 19 tháng 3 năm 2015

 Similar to Vietnamese visa obtained from the Embassy of Vietnam, Vietnam visa on arrival is also approved and granted by the Vietnam Immigration Department, the only governmental authority authorized to issue visa to Vietnam. More than that, visa on arrival is recognized by IATA (International Air Traffic Association). Therefore, it is totally legitimate and safe. There is no risk if you apply for online through the travel agencies instead of applying a visa for Vietnam at the embassy. Vietnam visa upon arrival is actually a pre-arranged visa online that is picked up at the airport. It is especially beneficial to those who live in a distant place from the embassy. In order to apply for visa on arrival, the applicants just need have a vallid passport and an air ticket to Vietnam.

The customers who have applied for visa to Vietnam online on

 said that visa upon arrival is secure, cheap, quick and very easy to contact with by email, phone and live chat. All of them are satisfied with the quick response, which they can not receive at the embassy/consulate. The increasing popularity of visa on arrival is the evident proof for what we are trying to tell you. If you have plan to travel to Vietnam this summer, apply it now to enjoy the benefits that it could bring to you.

What is the "approval letter"?

Vietnam Immigration Requirements  

Vietnam visa online procedure  

Which citizens is exempting for Vietnam visa?


What is Vietnam Visa Approval Letter?

Thứ Tư, ngày 18 tháng 3 năm 2015

Vietnam visa is essential for almost any foreign national taking a trip to Vietnam. As per the directives of the Vietnam Immigration department, you need to come up with a Vietnam visa permit for a legitimate stay in the South East Asian country. When it comes to attaining the Vietnam visa, the conventional route is to get the Vietnam visa directly from Vietnam Embassy. But it's a tedious, time consuming and cumbersome process. If you are looking for an easier route, it's best to take to the online route for Vietnam visa. The virtual route is formally called Vietnam visa on arrival service where you leave your country with Vietnam visa approval letter. The article here lays down a brief on Vietnam visa approval letter.
Vietnam visa on arrival
Before getting to the visa approval letter, you should acquaint yourself to the fundamentals of Vietnam visa on arrival. As mentioned earlier, it is an online process for Vietnam visa where your visa application, visa service fee payment & receipt of approval letter are done online. There are internet based Vietnam visa companies that will help you with the online visa service. However, the very process is exclusively meant for travelers flying to Vietnam.
What is Vietnam visa approval letter?
Vietnam visa approval letter is the Vietnam Immigration accredited permit through which you get eligible for visa stamping as you reach the Vietnam international airport. All the travelers taking to online Vietnam visa service would have to carry the approval letter in their flight.
How to obtain the approval letter?
First you will have to fill up the application form for online Vietnam visa on arrival. The application form would ask for your passport, travel, visa and personal details. You will need to submit your email id as well as this is where you will receive the visa approval letter.
Then, you will submit the visa service fee online. You can submit by debit card or credit card or PayPal or Western Union.
The third & final step is to receive the Vietnam visa approval letter. The online visa company will send its own staffs to the Vietnam embassy to get the visa formalities completed for you. If everything is okay, you will receive the Vietnam Immigration accredited Vietnam visa approval letter on your email id within 24-48 hours of application.
What next?
As you receive the Vietnam visa approval letter, your task is to take a print out of the letter and carry it in your flight to the Vietnam international airport. Carry two passport size photos with you as well. When you reach the airport, take to the Immigration check-in zone. You will have the Vietnam Immigration officials there who will check out all the details along with the Vietnam visa approval letter. If everything is all right, you will have the Vietnam visa stamped on your passport, ensuring a legitimate stay for you in the country. The stamping fee should be paid in cash.

Vietnam’s Visa for travel purposes

Thứ Hai, ngày 09 tháng 3 năm 2015

There are many reasons as to why people decisions to travel to other countries. It could be for business, educational or research purposes. In order to travel into any country, you will be required to have a visa. It is an offence to travel to any country without having a visa. Such victims may be apprehended in order to pay a fine. Therefore, to freely travel to any country one must have a visa.

Vietnam is one of those nations that you cannot travel to without a visa. In Vietnam, a travel visa is classified as a tourist visa. As a result, if wish to travel to Vietnam you apply for a tourist visa. In some countries, a distinction is created between a tourist and a travel visa.

How to obtain a travel visa

You can obtain a travel visa to Vietnam either by an online application to get visa on arrival or by visiting a Vietnam embassy to get real visa beforehand. It is upon you the applicant to decide which method best suits you. There is no law that grants anyone the right to make a decision for you. However, you can call for assistance where necessary.

In order to apply for a visa online, you have to log into the website providing service for immigration of Vietnam. Then select the application form and begin the entire process of application. Applicants are always advised to read the document carefully so as to avoid inputting wrong information into this vital form. The instructions as to how to fill this application are clearly provided. Therefore, it is required that you meticulously fill in the form bearing in mind what it takes to input wrong information. Furthermore, you will be required to read the form just to erase any doubt. Otherwise, if all is done well, a visa will automatically be issued.

After fully filling in the form, you are to submit it. The immigration department then receives the application. Here it checked thoroughly. You are required to check for a response after two days. If the application was successful, a visa approved letter is mailed to you. This letter is to be printed out. You will use this letter to acquire your visa at any airport in Vietnam.

Once you are at the airport, the authorities will ask for the letter and confirm whether its details match those on your passport. If all corresponds, you will be issued with a visa immediately. Otherwise, your passport may be held back. You can also choose to apply for a Vietnam travel visa by walking into a Vietnam embassy. The process here is always a bit simple for many applicants because assistance is always available.

Requirements for a travel visa

Whether you are taking an online application or not, there are certain perquisites for obtaining a Vietnam travelling visa. In order to acquire a Vietnam visa for travel purposes, the following will be required: a passport photo, an original passport, and an application fee. It is necessary to say that application fee is never constant. After verification of the previously mentioned requirements, the processing begins.

 Vietnam's Visa for travel purposes

evisa vietnam


A Few Words on Vietnam Visa

Thứ Năm, ngày 05 tháng 3 năm 2015

Are you on plans to travel to Vietnam soon? Well, it could be that you have a new client or it could be that you are into a lovely South-East Asian holiday mood this time. Now, whatever be the reason behind your trip to Vietnam, you must be ready with the visa formalities. It’s to note here that Vietnam government has made the visa requirements mandatory for most of the foreign nationals traveling to Vietnam. The visa formality is necessary to assure a legitimate stay for the foreigners in Vietnam. You can apply for one-month visa or for 3 months as well, if you are planning an extended stay. Besides, you must have an active passport, valid for 6 months. The post below runs further details on Vietnam visa.
How to get Vietnam visa
First of all, it’s to note here that Vietnam visa is needed regardless of your means of travel to the country. There are basically two ways to get your Vietnam visa. One is the conventional route of attaining visa directly from Vietnam Embassy. Another route is the online way to attain the Vietnam visa.
Directly from Vietnam Embassy
In this case you would have to travel to the nearest Vietnam Embassy office to apply and receive your Vietnam visa. It is a time consuming and elaborate process- hence you should plan early. You can browse the internet to know about the Vietnam Embassy office close to your location. The conventional route to attain Vietnam visa is available for any foreign national going to Vietnam- regardless of the means of travel.
The Online route to get visa on arrival at airports of Vietnam
When you go for the online route, there is no need to travel physically to the Vietnam Embassy office. There are online Vietnam visa companies to assist you here, enabling you to carry the process from home only. The whole process would be conducted online- be it visa application or payment submission or receipt of Vietnam visa approval letter. This is also called Vietnam visa on arrival facility as you will have your visa stamped when you reach the Vietnam international airport. However, it’s to note here that the online Vietnam visa on arrival facility is exclusively meant for travelers flying to Vietnam. The visa approval letter, accredited by the Vietnam Immigration Department, would be sent to your email. You would need to take a print out of it and carry it to the Vietnam airport.
Vietnam visa exemption
It’s to note here that Vietnam government has exempted some countries from visa formalities for a certain period of time-
  • Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore & Laos- 30 days maximum
  • Philippines- maximum 21 days
  • Myanmar & Brunei- maximum 14 days
  • Japan, Russia, Finland, South Korea, Norway, Sweden- 15 days maximum
  • APEC ABTC candidates- maximum 60 days
Besides, from 2014, nationals from Australia, India, France, UK & Germany have also been exempted from Vietnam visa formalities by the Vietnam government. This particular facility is meant for the government officers with the diplomat passport who would be on official trip to the country.

A Few Words on Vietnam Visa
vietnam visa à l'arrivée

Useful tips to get Visa for Vietnam

Thứ Hai, ngày 02 tháng 3 năm 2015

Useful tips to get Visa for Vietnam

Before travelling to any nation, you must be well acquainted with the immigrant laws of that country. That is to say, you need to know what it takes you to receive a permit for entering that country. Otherwise, you will find yourself in hot soup. For you to legally reside in any nation, you have to have a visa. A visa is a permit that allows one to live in a foreign country for a specified period.

Accordingly, for you to travel to Vietnam, you have to be in possession of a Vietnam visa. Securing a visa may be an uphill task if you are not familiar with the visa application procedures. As a result, in order to obtain a Vietnam visa on time, you have to know the tips on getting a Vietnam visa.

Before applying for a Vietnam visa
A visa application process can be long or short depending on the visa application knowledge of the applicant. Sometimes when the process becomes too long, there is a general tendency among many to boycott the whole process. However, this should not be so because the Vietnam government has made its visa application easier.

It is, for this reason; wise to know the tips on getting a Vietnam visa. Anyone can apply for a Vietnam visa to two available options. These options are so dynamic and all-inclusive of the applicant’s needs. It is the applicant’s decision to choose that option that he or she is much familiar with entirely.

However, if one is unable to decide, then he or she may be aided. It is unlawful to rule for an applicant without their consent. The authorities are only expected to assist the applicant where necessary. Though many prefer online visa application, the embassy visa application has proved to be outstanding. One main advantage of an embassy visa application is that one can interact with the authorities physically. Having the tips to get a Vietnam visa is so fundamental.

Obtaining a Vietnam Visa now
When you have the tips of getting a Vietnam visa, then all becomes simplified for you. In order to get a visa through online application, one must first be connected to the internet. It may be at home or a cybercafé.

After logging into the website, proceed with the filling of the application form. Note that all fields in the application form must be filled correctly. The details on your passport must be those entered on the application form. Otherwise, this will create confusion.

Upon finishing the application, you are to print out the form and attach your passport photo on it. What remains is to wait for a response from the Vietnam Immigration Department. The response does not exceed a period of two days. The Immigration Department sends you a visa approved letter through email. You are to download the letter that you may use it to obtain your visa at any Vietnam airport. Alternatively, you can apply for a Vietnam visa by visiting its embassy. Two passport photos, an application fee, and an original passport are some of the essential things you must have when going to the embassy.

Is Vietnam Visa on arrival still available in 2015?

Thứ Năm, ngày 05 tháng 2 năm 2015

If you are planning to arrive in Vietnam on an international flight landing at either Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi or Da Nang airport, a legitimate alternative to obtaining a full visa stamp from the Vietnamese Embassy, in your own or another country, is to opt for a very simple and cheaper, visa on arrival (VOA). Once issued, this visa is exactly the same as a visa issued by any Vietnamese embassy/consulate, with the same limitations and conditions attached to its use.
From 1 Jan, 2015, the new law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam will be taken effect. Following this new law, Vietnam Immigration law will have some changes.
Base on the content of article 18, chapter 2 of the law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, Visa on arrival is still available.
Please note, that while Vietnamese Embassy websites usually include a warning against using VOA, claiming the agents are dodgy and the process illegitimate, this is untrue. The reason they do this is to scare intending visitors into buying a more expensive visa through the Embassy, as this is a major income stream for them. Unless you are a citizen of one of the countries listed at the end of this article for which VOA is not available, please do not believe this misinformation and please do not give it extra mileage by posting it on the Vietnam forum.
There are a lot of inquiries about the new Vietnam Immigration law is: Vietnam Visa on arrival is still available in 2015 or not?
To obtain the Visa upon arrival, you must apply the Visa online first. After 1 or 2 working days, the Visa approval letter (approved by Vietnam Immigration Department) will be sent to you by email. This letter says that you are allowed to pick up the Visa at Vietnam airports. You need to print the letter out, use it for boarding and getting the Visa when you arrive Vietnam.
There are 4 international accepts Visa on arrival: Tan Son Nhat airport (in Ho Chi Minh or Saigon city), Noi Bai airport (in Ha Noi city), Da Nang airport (Da Nang city) and Cam Ranh airport (in Nha Trang city).
Article 18. Visa issuance at border checkpoints
1. A foreigner shall be issued with a visa at a border checkpoint in the following cases:
a) The foreigner departs from a country that does not have any visa-issuing authority of Vietnam;
b) The foreigner has to stop by multiple countries before arriving at Vietnam;
c) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to take a tour organized by an international tourism company in Vietnam;
d) Foreign crew members of a ship anchoring at a Vietnam’s port and wish to leave Vietnam through another border checkpoint;
e) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to attend a funeral of his/her relative, or to visit a gravely ill relative;
f) The foreigner comes to Vietnam to participate in dealing with an emergency, rescue, prevention of natural disasters, epidemics, or for another purpose at the request of a competent authority of Vietnam.
2. Any foreigner issued with a visa at a border checkpoint shall submit his/her passport or laissez-passer, fill the application for the visa, and append his/her picture at the immigration counter. A child under 14 years of age shall be mentioned in the same application filled by his/her parent or guardian in case the child use the same passport of his/her parent or guardian.
3. The immigration counter shall compare the application with the notification of the immigration authority to issue the visa.
Is Vietnam Visa on arrival still available in 2015?
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